Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Now? Can We Get the UAFA Passed?

Today the Uniting American Families Act was introduced into Congress with a record number of co-sponsors. While I am very thankful for those who have introduced our bill again into Congress, I am wondering what hope does it have to make it out of the Judiciary committee? I have watched this bill die many times before. I am no longer willing to stand silent and let others fight my battles nor just hope that it gets passed.

Here is the course the bills will take. They are introduced into Congress. They get read aloud twice and then get sent to Committee. Our bills get sent to the Committee of the Judiciary. Now in this committee is a subcommittee for immigration. I do not know if our bill will make it there. Our bills will be brought up in their committees. If the Committee of the Judiciary finds that there is good reason for it to pass as law, it gets sent back to the floor of the House or Senate. It then has to be discussed or debated and voted upon. Our bills have never made it out of the Judiciary Committee.

If you think I am painting a dark,dim, and dismal picture, I want to encourage you to change this bills course. Call, tweet, fax, and/or email your Congress people daily...yes daily. If you do not know who your Congress people are, you can find out on the web on this web site: Write Your Representative

The Honorable Zoe Lofgren wrote a wonderful letter and it gives me hope. I hope that the Courts are able to move a little faster than Congress. Let's keep this moving.
Please, let's do this. Let's contact Congress everyday so that the first thing on their minds is the Uniting American Families Act and the last thing they think of before they drift off to sleep is the Uniting American Families Act. We need to make this year our year. We have waited and waited. I don't want to have to wait until the 113th Congress. We can make a difference.

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