Thursday, September 29, 2011

Repeal DOMA /Separation of Church and State

What are the reasons to keep the Defense of Marriage (DOMA) on the books? Wait, the reasons that do not break the rule of separation of Church and State are the ones in which we are interested.

1. Traditional Marriage - Marriage has always been defined as between a man and a woman.
There are records from the 1st century church indicating that the church did indeed marry same sex couples.

In an article written by Father James Duffy, he writes and has evidence that same sex marriages took place throughout history.

Read the whole article in the The Gay Christian

As churches struggle with the issue of homosexuality, a long tradition of same sex marriage indicates that the Christian attitude toward same sex unions may not always have been as "straight" as is now suggested. A Kiev art museum contains a curious icon from St. Catherine's monastery on Mt. Sinai. It shows two robed Christian saints. Between them is a traditional Roman pronubus (best man) overseeing what in a standard Roman icon would be the wedding of a husband and wife. In the icon, Christ is the pronubus. Only one thing is unusual. The husband and wife are in fact two men.

The following research by Yale Law School Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository

A History of Same Sex Marriage

William N. Eskridge Jr.

Yale Law School

Makes the following observation regarding the problems with the "Traditional Marriage" (has always been between a man and a woman) arguement:

The early Egyptian and Mesopotamian societies that are considered important antecedents for Western culture apparently not only tolerated same-sex relationships, but also recognized such relationships in their culture, literature, and mythology. Evidence of same-sex marriage is at best indirect in these ancient societies, however. One finds slightly stronger and more direct evidence of same-sex marriages in Greek and early Roman culture, in imperial Rome, and in Western Europe for much of the Christian Middle Ages.

Read the entire research article here.


As far as I know, there is no #2.

Traditional marriage is their only argument that does not break the Church's rule of "Separation of Church and State". Although, it has been proven that today's marriage is not necessarily all that traditional; it is good, right, and admirable to break with traditions when they are oppressive to a people.

An example of a tradition that was good and right when changed is slavery. Another example is women voting.

As Americans we pride ourselves in equality, yet, a whole group of people are being told that they do not deserve any rights. They are being told that they are second class citizens.

The Daily Kos has a wonderful article on Why was DOMA enacted?

They enacted DOMA specifically to confer a higher status on heterosexual people, so that more children would grow up to realize they should be heterosexual. This has of course led to higher incidents of suicide and depression among gay people, and outright rejection in some cases even by a gay person's friends or family, all to reach the ends of "promoting heterosexuality."

This is one of the biggest reasons it's time to repeal DOMA: sexual orientation is understood as a real distinction by law and by psychologists. Back when, for example, the military's gay ban was implemented, the idea was to stop a perceived aberrant sexual behavior. Society and science's views on homosexuality have changed - it's no longer a behavior but an orientation. It can't be changed and so-called "conversion therapy" has been rejected by scientists and psychologists. It made no sense to keep the gay ban going.

And it makes no sense to keep DOMA. Simply put, the goal of promoting heterosexuality is not served by laws like DADT or DOMA. The government can't promote heterosexuality even if it wanted to. At this point, it's only creating a second-class status for a group of people it can't change.

It is time to get this discriminatory law REPEALED!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Many Times Does "DOMA" Need To Be Declared Unconstitutional?

Obama, Holder Call 1996 Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

Defense of Marriage Act called unconstitutional by bankruptcy judge

Christian Attorney says, "DOMA is Unconstitutional"

Wikipedia Defense of Marriage Act

Federal Judge Rules Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional. Will It Stick?

Google Search: Defense of Marriage Act Declared Unconstitutional

The Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner is using funds that are ill gotten without permission (this has been swept under the rug) to try to defend DOMA.

The Huffington Post Reports

DOMA Defense: Lawmakers Puzzled Where House GOP Is Getting The Money To Pay Paul Clement

The Christian Post, while defending Boehner, still wonders from where the money is coming..

Boehner Hires Lawyer to Defend DOMA, Demands DOJ Pick Up the Tab

Above the Law Also reports:

Paul Clement and King & Spalding Defend DOMA — at a Discount

In addition to all of this mind blowing hypocrisy, those defending the so called Defense of Marriage Act, are refusing to have the trial video taped. Many people are asking "why?"

Lambda Legal Decries DOMA Defenders' Refusal to Allow Taping of Court Hearing

"It is outrageous that the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives wants to shroud in secrecy their use of tax dollars to try to defend discrimination."

If they really think their cause is just, shouldn't it be brought to light. Shouldn't they be screaming it from the roof tops...oh wait that is right...the majority of Americans support same sex marriage

Gallup Poll Reports

It would seem that so much is going on in favor of same sex couples, yet, we have no Federal recognition. Most of the States deny any sort of recognition and many of them seek to write this horrible discrimination into their own Constitutions. When will people realize that the separation of Church and State is supposed to go on always, NOT JUST WHEN IT BENEFITS THE CHURCH.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Uniting American Families Act



The Uniting American Families Act would allow immigration equality to the bi-national same sex couples.

What if you couldn't live under the same roof as your spouse? What if your wife and child were forced away from you by the United States of America's immigration system? Just like when the Nazi's would take whomever they wanted from a family...and you had no say, our United States Immigration laws are literally ripping apart same sex families. What if you could not get a Congress member to care enough about these couples to even bring up the bill for a vote? What if you were forced apart? What if your child grew up without knowing you? What if your government was responsible for ripping apart your family with total disregard for your life, love, and United States citizenship?

Thousands of United States Citizens are being told that there life is no more valuable than a slave.

I have asked Congress members to pass the Uniting American Families Act. Some of the answers I have received:

1. Move out of the United States

2. Marry someone of the opposite sex

3. Wait in line for immigration (there is no line for the bi-national same sex couple)

4. It will never happen

5. Extended families will hurt the economy. (My wife is an extended family member?)

I believe that these people are really telling me is that their political party says NO and therefore they say NO. It is unfortunate that Lamar Smith, a known immigrant hater, is the chair of the Judiciary Committee. He refuses to address any immigration issue unless it is against human beings.

I am a human being. I am a United States Citizen. I desire to live in the United States of American legally with my wife. The United States of America is saying I can't. No one has given a valid reason as to why this is so. The United States has said that they will not condone other countries who commit crimes of cruelty against the Lesbian and Gay community, yet they are guilty of these cruel crimes against us.

Please sign and get the Uniting American Families Act or The Comprehensive Immigration Act brought up to your Congress people. Please help us make a difference.

We The People Petition for the United American Families Act


It appears that I am not the only one to draw this conclusion and the comparison of this discrimination being similar to the Nazis. This video of a North Carolina Law maker. He draws exactly the same parallels...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Not Like DOMA is Hurting Anyone


Quote from a bi-national couple:

"The agony of enforced separation gets harder every time. Didn't think it could get any more painful but it does. Our hearts are broken once again by DOMA."

Quote from a Lesbian:

"Love is not a crime People should not have to hide their feelings or pretend to be someone they aren’t just to conform to societies views of normal. Love Definition: Noun: An intense feeling of deep affection. Verb: Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone) It shouldn’t matter if that someone is black or white, a woman or man, gay or straight. Love is a beautiful thing.

Quote by a bi-national couple:

"It is not possible to kiss while crying? It is if you are a bi-national same sex couple."

Quote by a binational couple:

"The only reason they can separate me from my husband, is because of DOMA".

Quote from a binational couple:
"Living our lives from visit to visit. We have been legally married for five years and have never lived more than three months in a row under the same roof together. DOMA keeps us apart. Until the laws of our land accept us with equal treatment, this is our life. 3 months in California, 3 months in the UK. It’s hard. It’s challenging. But it’s more than we’ve ever had before."

Quote from a binational couple:

I have no regrets at all. (of being in a binational relationship) She is the best thing that's ever happened, she is the reason why I get up every morning and strive to be a better person. She is the reason why I won't stop fighting and trying to find ways to put this family back together. I hate that I have a kid that's growing up with a part time parent, I hate that my wife doesn't have me there supporting her with our girl when she's hitting such a difficult age. Imagine being 10 years old and already having an understanding of gay rights, immigration and proposals like the UAFA. Don't get me wrong I think that it's great for kids to be politically aware, but this isn't the way in which they should learn.

Quote from a binational couple:

Please pass the Uniting American Families Act, we have suffered so much already."

Quote from binational couple:

HOW on earth does that adversely affect our society? It’s been months since I last saw my partner. I have cleaned out my savings, having to use it for travel and phone bills. This imposed separation is harmful physically, mentally, emotionally, fiscally and familialy. No one would be harmed by granting people equal (not special) rights to sponsor their partners in fact we would all become healthier and more productive members of society instead of legislative outcasts. Pushed to abandon the country we call home, when our partners are willing to give up their lives and homes to start new here. Please realize that these are REAL people, and they are being HARMED by this situation. I am being harmed by this situation. Please put yourself in our situation and think how it would feel that some stranger has the power to change your world for good or ill.

Still think DOMA is not hurting anyone? Think again. Tonight when you lie down next to your spouse, know that there are those of us who because of USA law cannot. When you hug your children, know that because of DOMA hundreds of kids will not feel their Mom or Dad's hug. Because of DOMA people have to sing their children to sleep via SKYPE.

It is hurting someone. It is hurting US citizens who have fallen in love with someone who is not an American Citizen.

Now I have heard all the reasons to keep DOMA and not pass the Uniting American Families Act, but they all are based on a thological thoughts...and the thoughts that because I am in love with someone who is of my same sex, I am non deserving of the right to be married in my country. I have had members of Congress tell me the following:

1. Move out of the USA

2. Your family is not a nuclear family

3. Marriage is between one man and one woman

All of these reasons...make no sense to my the people I have quoted.... it makes no sense to them either. We don't want to rip apart your fundamental beliefs, but we do want to be able to be with our love. Your fundamental beliefs should be that "all are created equal...". They should be that ALL Americans deserve EQUAL treatment under the law. After all....isn't that the principles that our forefathers founded this country?