Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Elections and Bi-national Couples

Well, it looks like, unless there is some huge shake up in the GOP, President Obama will be running against anti-immigration man, Mitt Romney. In statements over and over again he states that he is against amnesty, yet he does not offer any sort of Comprehensive Immigration Reform ideas.  As far as any answers for bi-national same sex couples... well, that subject, that specific question has yet to be asked of any GOP delegate.

Bay Windows - New England's Largest GLBT Newspaper published "The Romney Files" to show his stance on LGBT issues.  

It looks like our strongest hope is to get President Obama re-elected.  My fear is that because of Obama playing politics, he has offended many of the LGBT community and that will divide our vote.  A man, for whom I have great respect, Lt. Dan Choi said that he would not support President Obama.

 Think Progress LGBT reports the following:

“I think if Obama doesn’t endorse my full marriage equality and my person hood in this country, then I have no business supporting him and I don’t think a lot of the people who are first time votes will either,” Choi said at a panel called ‘What To Do When The President Is Just Not That Into You.’
Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson got this response from Choi, “Sometimes love comes in harsh forms. I love my detractors enough to let them know when they are misguided and I only regret that we are both suffering under a second-class citizenship imposed by politicians who smile pleasantly while denying our fight for justice. The harshest treatment would be our acquiescence to the view that we do not deserve equality.”
 While I understand Choi's opinion and I respect his stance, to vote for an independent delegate would only allow Mitt Romney to be able to defeat President Obama.  It would not allow the independent delegate to win.  I feel that a second term for Obama is what we need to get equal marriage rights and equal immigration rights.  The Lieutenant has time on his side.  We as bi-national couples do not.  We are apart from our spouses, we live in exile, we live under the wire, looking over our shoulders.  With Obama not having the need to win a third term or kiss up to people for votes,  I believe that he will work to get rid of DOMA and help get the Uniting American Families Act passed.

Regardless who wins the GOP nomination, we cannot divide our vote to let these anti-gay (which all GOP's have professed to be) people take office.

 No one is more aware of the President's instructions to ICE to use discretion when deporting the undocumented than bi-national same sex couples, but he has not told them to stop.  He has not told them to give us an avenue to sponsor our spouses for immigration.  He has not made it legal for us to be able to be with our life partners.

We have a lot of work to do in 2012.  I, as a conservative, will be voting Democrat for the first time in my life.  I urge you to do the same.  We need DOMA gone, we need the Uniting American Families Act passed and we need to be able to be with our spouses/partners/sweethearts (whatever term you prefer).  We need legal recognition.  We need to be equal citizens of these United States of America.


  1. Our only hope lies in an Obama victory and a dem maj in house and senate, for uafa and doma. Anything else will see the status quo continue and our suffereing will worsen. With a GOP POTUS, any attempt to pass uafa or the rfma will most likely be vetoed. Then we have to put all our faith in SCOTUS and that terrifies me even though we know doma is unconstitutional.

  2. We MUST get President Obama re-elected. We MUST get a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. We MUST get UAFA passed - or RFA to help others too. WE MUST get Respect for Marriage passed.
    Even if you have to hold your nose, as they say, we MUST have a Democrat in the White House or we have no chance of getting what we need done for binational families, IMHO.