Monday, May 2, 2011

A Very Personal Post

This story has nothing to do about the Uniting American Families Act. It has nothing to do with being a lesbian. It has a more personal note to it. Please forgive and please indulge.

I was moved to the core by the amazing courage of this lady to tell her story of such a personal and visceral attack. Her courage and strength are amazing and inspiring. She speaks of the marks on her body.... and I remember.

Thank you for listening and I encourage all who who can "remember" to please know there is healing in telling and talking. Lots of healing, safe and honest hugs to those who know, remember and understand.


Thank you for all of the responses with concerns and sweet support I have gotten in my personal email regarding the statement that I, too, remember the marks in and on my body.

I will tell this: I was but a little girl when my abuse started. My first memory was at the age of seven...this went on until I was able to leave at the age of 18. I am doing well now. Although I have been diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and sometimes the nightmares and flashbacks come, for the most part, life is wonderful. Again, your sweet words of support have touched my heart. Thank you.

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