Thursday, May 26, 2011

Condoning and Promoting Bullying of the LGBT Youth



Condoning the Bullying

Promoting the Deaths



Is the US Government one of the causes of the increase in deaths of the LBGT Youth?  Well, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

While we are doing our best to let our LBGT youth know that “It Gets Better”,  The State of Tennessee is passing the “Don’t say Gay” Law.  The law that states that in the Tennessee schools a person cannot mention that the words lesbian or homosexual or gay or any other word that has to do with non-heterosexual orientation.  This promotes shame, hurt, and insecurities.  It also is a way for teens to harass other teens.  What in the world are they thinking?

The United States Congress has had several bills placed before them that would give the Lesbians and Gays some rights. The Uniting American Families Act, the Respect for Marriage Act, and the Reuniting Families Act have all been introduced. They have been refereed to the Judiciary Committee where they have not been brought for a vote. To the General Public this is a sign that Homosexuals do not deserve the consideration of the Government. Shameful that Congress has not gotten the chance to vote on these bills. I believe that this is a sign our children that Lesbian and Gay Youth do not deserve to be protected. They are different and deserve judgement, ridicule and even death.

To the Lesbian and Gay Youth it is a sign that they are nothing in the eyes of our government. They are nothing and their death is a favor to society. I am not exaggerating. I was a bullied youth and I know these feelings.


In the State of Texas, a person can refuse to wait on, to serve homosexuals.  Apparently, that is just one of several states who allow that type of discrimination.  I am appalled and shocked that in these United States would allow such hatred, but then I remember not that long ago, that the “conservative Christians” were and some still are against interracial marriage.  That the person of color could be arrested for kissing a white person was not an unusual occurrence.  As a matter of fact, that person could be put to death without the Authorities even wanting to step in.  The movie “Holes” starring Shia LaBeouf has a story woven within it about this prejudice. 

It is apparent that we have learned nothing from our past.  The conservative Christians (something I considered myself to be until not that long ago) (I am still Christian just not all that conservative) refuse to allow for differences.  God Almighty has never condemned a loving same sex relationship, but because of a few verses taken out of context, we have put people to death. 

How can so many people be so wrong about their interpretation of what the Bible really says about Homosexuality?  I asked a missionary friend of mine to understand the history, the language, the context of the verses used to condemn homosexuals and here is what he said:  “I do not need know all of that, the Bible says straight forward etc… etc… etc…”  That is the problem.  As an example I would like to use the Ford Truck commercial with Mike Rowe.  The man who tests drives the truck makes the statement, “this truck is sick”.  Do we really think that Ford would air a commercial where someone says that their truck is horrible? No, we have to take the context of the statement and the language of the day.  He means that the truck is fabulous.  So to those Christians who refuse to do as I suggested by looking at the context, history, and language of the day, they have misinformed several generations of people.  Please feel free to read and challenge my personal research on what the Bible really says about homosexuality before you come to judgment.


The Bible Says -- Homosexuality

Ruth and Naomi




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