Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Many Times Does "DOMA" Need To Be Declared Unconstitutional?

Obama, Holder Call 1996 Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

Defense of Marriage Act called unconstitutional by bankruptcy judge

Christian Attorney says, "DOMA is Unconstitutional"

Wikipedia Defense of Marriage Act

Federal Judge Rules Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional. Will It Stick?

Google Search: Defense of Marriage Act Declared Unconstitutional

The Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner is using funds that are ill gotten without permission (this has been swept under the rug) to try to defend DOMA.

The Huffington Post Reports

DOMA Defense: Lawmakers Puzzled Where House GOP Is Getting The Money To Pay Paul Clement

The Christian Post, while defending Boehner, still wonders from where the money is coming..

Boehner Hires Lawyer to Defend DOMA, Demands DOJ Pick Up the Tab

Above the Law Also reports:

Paul Clement and King & Spalding Defend DOMA — at a Discount

In addition to all of this mind blowing hypocrisy, those defending the so called Defense of Marriage Act, are refusing to have the trial video taped. Many people are asking "why?"

Lambda Legal Decries DOMA Defenders' Refusal to Allow Taping of Court Hearing

"It is outrageous that the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives wants to shroud in secrecy their use of tax dollars to try to defend discrimination."

If they really think their cause is just, shouldn't it be brought to light. Shouldn't they be screaming it from the roof tops...oh wait that is right...the majority of Americans support same sex marriage

Gallup Poll Reports

It would seem that so much is going on in favor of same sex couples, yet, we have no Federal recognition. Most of the States deny any sort of recognition and many of them seek to write this horrible discrimination into their own Constitutions. When will people realize that the separation of Church and State is supposed to go on always, NOT JUST WHEN IT BENEFITS THE CHURCH.

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