Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Callous or Ignorant

In the recent months, State legislatures have been working a lot on civil unions and same sex marriage. Some states are voting to give rights to homosexuals and some are voting to take them away. In the case of the State of Indiana, to REALLY take them away.

What strikes me as either stupidity, ignorance or just plain callous is that the people who are fighting against equal rights hope they are not offending anyone. One Representative in Indiana went so far as to say that "no one is getting hurt...." This came out in the Indianapolis Star written by Heather Gillers

Eric Turner, R-Marion, who authored the measure, said the language of the ban had been thoroughly reviewed by lawyers.

A co-author of the measure, Dave Cheatham, D-North Vernon, said the resolution "is not against anyone; it's not trying to hurt anyone."

He said lawmakers were being asked to consider a single question.

"Do you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman?"
The amendment was rejected 60-32.

Does Mr. Cheatham really believe that this is not against anyone, because I kind of think that it is against people who are of the same sex wanting to some day get married in the state of Indiana. I really think that it is hurting those of us who are not heterosexual who want the same benefits as those who are heterosexual. It is against us and it does hurt us and those we love.

Next we have the Maryland folks:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Maryland's GOP Senate Leader hopes gay colleagues don't take debate 'personally'

Posted by Timothy Beauchamp at 2/23/2011 08:17:00 AM

As we've noted, the Senate in Maryland will start the debate today on the "Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Act" -- and it is expected to run into Thursday. Our side has the 24 votes needed to pass the bill, but the debate could get ugly. The top GOPer in the Senate doesn't want gay legislators to take it "personally":

Minority Leader Nancy Jacobs, a Republican leading opposition to the bill, said she believes "only a handful" of GOP members will stand up and speak against the bill. She said she's expecting speeches from a small group of Democrats who oppose the bill.

Like others, she expressed a desire for the debate to be civil.

"We all love our gay friends in the House and the Senate," Jacobs said. "I hope and pray that this does not get personal and does not get taken personally."

Now why would the gays elected to serve in the House and Senate take it personally to have their colleagues claiming they shouldn't be able to share in the same rights? How typical and sickening for a Republican to smugly argue they want to continue to discriminate but hope "the gays" don't take it personally. Another thing I'd like my Republican "friends" to know. If they don't want me to have equal rights, they can "love me" all they want but I won't be "loving them" back. I just don't believe in that form of "love" that is strangely synonymous with what would otherwise be known as hate. In fact, that is a very funny definition of love for them to deny us our basic human rights.

Actions speak louder than words, Ms. Jacobs.

The big news breaking today is that the Department of Justice will no longer defend The Defense of Marriage Act in court.

I guess we can call this a small victory. When I can marry my sweetheart, call her my wife, and she can legally immigrate to the United States of America with no fears, I will call that a victory. Until then, I will continue my daily onslaught of contacting Congress and asking them to pass the Uniting American Families Act.

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