Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Immigration Reform? Why Now?

Bi-National Same Sex Couples Living in Exile, Under the Radar, or Separated by United States Immigration Law.


One might ask why with all of the problems with the economy, unemployment and wars, why is it important to bring up the subject of immigration reform?  I would love to answer your question as briefly and succinctly as possible.

1. We are American Citizens

We, as United States citizens, should be allowed the same rights (nothing special) as every United States Citizen.  We ought to be able to enjoy the wonderful right to live with the person with whom we are in love.  While some may say that this is not all that important, I have a question, "Whom do you go to when your world is crushed, to whom do you reach out to when you need a shoulder on which to cry?"  Think of that for a while and then ask yourself the following question:  "What if that person was 10,000 miles away with no clear idea as to when you will see them again?" 

2.  We Should Move Beyond Discrimination in the Country Where All Are Created Equal

Many people were against allowing the people of color into the same colleges as the Caucasians.  These people were the Christians; the religious right.  Many people were against allowing interracial marriage.  These people were the Christians; the religious right.  True story, my Korean friend wanted to date a Hispanic man.  In order to do that, they had to get permission from the Pastor of our Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, who had people look up as to the origins of these races.  REALLY and this was in the early 80's.

People may say that racial discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination are two different things.  The truth of the matter is this, discrimination against a group of people who are being discriminated against because of whom they love is just that, discrimination.  It is wrong.

3.  Defense of Marriage Act is Unconstitutional

4.  We Have Families 

I am the proud mom of two sons.  I did not give birth to them, but they are my boys none-the-less.  My wife (we were just legally married in Iowa.) and we found a wonderful sperm donor.  Went to his house, picked up the sperm in a sterile cup, brought it home and to put it as gently as I can, I was able to be of help to get her pregnant.  When our boys were born, we went before a judge and I have joint custody of them.  I will be doing a second parent adoption as soon as we can dish out the $5,000 the attorneys want for each boy. 

If you think that I am any less of their mother than my wife, their birth mother, do you also feel the same way about adoptive parents?  Do you feel that step-parents are less of a parent?  Do you think that foster families who adopt their children are less of families?  Of course not.  I am their mother as much as their birth mother, my wife. 

We wanted these boys and had to go through a lot to have them.  We are a family no matter what anyone says.  I would really challenge anyone to find a closer family.  Our eight year old is in boy scouts, church choir, 4-H, and is making straight A's.  Our 4 year old will start kindergarten this fall.  I am so proud of the both of them. 

5.  There is no legal reason to vote against The Uniting American Families Act.

6.  It is nothing but pure cruelty to keep loved ones apart because you have personal issues against those relationships.  Growing up, my Pastor would not tolerate any sort of inter racial dating by the teen members of his church.  If a person went against the will of the Pastor, they could be thrown out of the church or made so miserable that they would leave the church.  Please tell me, what is the difference between what this man did and the things that Congress is doing to the Lesbian and Gay couples who just want to live together in peace and raise families.

7.  If it is against your Christian beliefs, I urge you to understand, I, too, am a Christian.  I, too, believe that Jesus died on the Cross for everyone.  I also know that the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom we Christians are supposed to try to be like, never condemned a loving monogamous same sex relationship.  I assure you, I have done the studying. 


The Bible Says - Homosexuality

I urge you to to bring the Comprehensive Immigration Act up for a vote.  I urge you to vote for the Comprehensive Immigration Act or the Uniting American Families Act.  To put it quite simply, it is the right thing to do.









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