Saturday, January 14, 2012

GOP Immigration Reform Ideas

Representative Lamar Smith from Texas, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has not allowed any Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill to come up for a vote in the committee.  As a matter of fact, The Orange County Register reports that the GOP called the president's action another move to grant “backdoor amnesty to” people who are in the country illegally. 

Over and over again the GOP has mentioned that any sort of Comprehensive Immigration Reform like the "Dream Act" is nothing but granting illegals amnesty.  The GOP current leader for the President of the United States nomination has taken the position, that all undocumented immigrants should be deported.  As a matter of fact, his stance is so strong and negative that the GOP is doing damage control on Twitter by starting the @GOPLatino outreach.  I believe that it is too little....and I hope it is too late.  Again, I hope that this crumb that these GOP Leaders are throwing to the Latinos .... won't dupe them into voting for these prejudiced bigots.

We need the DREAM Act with the Uniting American Families Act to pass.  It is amazing to me that we are told that we have to wait our turn, stand in line.  Whereas there might be a line for some of these people, the wait is 10 to 20 YEARS (this is no exaggeration).  For most bi-national same sex couples, there is not a line to get into.  There is NO LINE for us.  When I have mentioned this to some of our Honorable Elected Officials, I have been told (by those bothering to answer me) that we are not normal "nuclear family"

We need the Uniting American Families Act passed. We need DOMA repealed. We need to be treated like we are EQUAL.....because we are. While the Government ponders why our LGBT youth are dying from bullying and suicide, it is no mystery to me. They are taking their cue from our government who fights against giving us Equal rights, fights for religious rights to persecute the LGBT youth, who try to get bills like the Tennessee "Don't Say Gay" bill passed. It is because of this United States Government sanctioned hate, that our LGBT youth are dying. I urge all of us to vote! Vote for our best hope in getting the Uniting American Families Act passed.... Vote for our best chance of getting DOMA repealed. In my conservative life, I have never voted Democrat (Yes, I voted for McCain in '08), I am voting for Barak Obama in 2012. It is our best chance for EQUALITY.

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