Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Values, High Morals, and Defending Marriage

Why do you suppose folks who rarely pick up a Bible can almost quote word for word the verses that they erroneously think condemn same sex relationships?

Why do you suppose these same people refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Bible calls their sins abomination?

Why do you suppose time after time, the same people are brought down for doing things that are less then ethical?

I have two sons.
I believe in family values.
I am married.
I have high morals, I have never cheated on my spouse.  I am honest, truthful and a hard worker.  I have worked for the same company for 20 years.
I believe in defending marriage.  I think that the decline of the family and marriage is appalling.
My family attends church regularly.
My Boys are boy scouts.
They attend AWANA every Monday night.
My boys are both exceptional students with straight A's.

How can people be against my family and my marriage?  How can people say that I am not for family values because I am a lesbianHow can people say that I am less than them and that I don't deserve the same rights as a heterosexual couple?

I would like for my marriage to be recognized by the State and Federal governments.  I would like to not have to hide my relationship for fear of bullying.  I believe that the government is responsible for the bullying of the Lesbian and Gay people because they have not made us equal.  Bullies will always pick on someone that they perceive to be inferior to them and the US State and Federal government's failure to recognize us as equal, feeds right into their bullying. 
I am not the exception in the Lesbian and Gay community.  I am the rule.  Our families....our values.... our morals.........  We are pro family.  We are pro marriage.  We are for family values.  We would like to be treated equally as our heterosexual counterparts.

How can the US Government refuse my family equal rights and equal protection?  To continue to discriminate against us is immoral, anti-family, anti-marriage, and unAmerican.

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