Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Are We Teaching Our Children



I am a mother. I have two young sons both under the age of ten. I see on the news tragic stories of children in gangs, children being snatched, children shooting children, children committing suicide and I wonder, how in the world do these things happen. How do these things come to be “normal”? How do we as a society get so apathetic to what is going on around us? What part have we played in making these horrific happenings a common place occurrence?

As parents, we need to be present in the lives of our children and teach them the values of morals, the values of being a good person, the values of the golden rule. How our children behave is a direct result of our teachings.

We also need to teach our children to be kind. I didn’t say to be weak or be a follower. I said teach our children kindness. Teach them not to laugh at the misfortunes of other children. Teach them to want to help others who need their help. The “golden rule” states to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If we teach our children that others are inferior to us because of differences, we are teaching them that some people are superior to other people. This sounds like what Hitler was teaching the “Hitler Youth”. If we teach our children that people who believe differently than us are horrible and need to be changed then we are teaching that we must condemn others. We make ourselves the judge, the jury, and the executioner.

I am not saying that we should not teach our children between right and wrong, I am saying that we need to teach our children that people have differences and those differences need to be honored and respected.

I am trying to instill in my sons the ability to think on their own. I often tell my oldest that “people are sheep and will follow anything…” I tell him to learn to think on his own and to be a leader, a kind leader. He is but a child so I must temper that with my adult wisdom (this is why God gives us parents) To teach our children that we are superior than others is to raise a Hitler, Jim Jones, Phelps of the Westboro “Church”, Charles Manson, David Korsch ….these people were/are leaders who convince(d) people to follow their misguided teachings.

We, as parents are responsible to teach our children to be good citizens, good people, and honorable human beings.




A note to Christians:

I am a born again Christian

I believe in Heaven and Hell and teaching our

Children about the Lord Jesus Christ and that He

Died on the cross to save us from Hell. I believe in

Trinity and I believe that Jesus is coming again soon

To take us to Heaven to live with Him. I believe in

The Great Commission and telling others of the Lord’s love

And that there is judgment coming. I also believe that

God is the judge. Not me. Not my pastor. Not the

Church. To make blanket statements that God hates

A certain group of people is simply not Biblical. When

The Lord Jesus was here on this Earth, He spoke of

Heaven, He spoke of Hell, He spoke of the world to

Come. He got angry with the ruling religious body

Not “the Woman at the well”, not the “publicans and

Sinners”, not “the woman taken in adultery”, not the

Gay Centurion asking for Jesus to heal his “beloved male

Servant.” On the other hand, Jesus got angry with

The Pharisees more than once. He called the Scribes

And Pharisees hypocrites who on the outside looked

Wonderful, but on the inside were nothing but dead

Mans bones.


Never before has a group of people been so pushed away from

The cross by Christians as much as homosexual people.


So tell the world of God’s love and of the birth, death, and

Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, but do not condemn

people if they choose not to listen. That, my friend, is the

Job of God, the Father. If you are going to be a Christian

Please remember what the word actually means. The disciples

Were first called Christians at Antioch…why? Because they

So much like Christ. Please remember and apply that to your

Daily walk.

By the way, I am a lesbian.

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