Friday, March 25, 2011

Sodom and Gomorrah All Over Again???

Joe Rodriguez was discharged from the Navy under the DADT law, but not before he was drugged, attacked and raped. He is a wonderful example for those young people who are being bullied because of their sexuality. For those who are stuggling with their sexuality he is an example of strength. We in the LBGT community can be very proud of him.

I would like to use this in another manner: I would like to use this as an example of what took place in Sodom and Gomorah. These men that attacked and raped Joe Rodriguez were doing it to punish him not because they were gay and wanted to have gay sex. It was mob mentality. This is exactly the same thing that expert theologians believe took place in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were having problems with spies from other countries infiltrating their cities. A common way to punish them was to treat them "like women" and rape them as if they were women.

This is for those of you who still think God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. Look beyond what you have been told and investigate for yourself. Before you say "Amen" when you go to sleep at night ask God to show you the truth.

We who are in a same sex relationship are not living in sin because of that relationship. We are not evil and an abomination to God. I ask you to continue to read this blog to see exactly what the Bible says about homosexuality and same sex relationships.

Joe Rodriguez was discharged under DADT. I know it may be tough to be a young gay person. I know it’s hard to have to hide your true essence and live a happy childhood and be who you really are. I understand it’s hard to have to hide in front of family and friends as you grow up to be the man or woman God brought into this world. I ask you to keep faith and not give in to all the bullying and harassment.

I was once in the closet, just like you, and felt the pain and mental anguish of hiding who I really was until my 28th birthday last year.

I was raped by a group of men in June 2008 while I was still in the Navy. My fellow sailors then perceived me to be gay, and harassed me because of the rape at the hands of other men. They were right – I was a gay man, yet I did not deserve to be treated in a hateful manner. But I stood strong and I am winning the battle now. I ask you to do the same.

I understand how you feel, but I beg you to please not give up. Please stand strong and DEMAND EQUALITY. You are all God’s children and he loves us all!! You are beautiful to everyone. We are not different. We are just a little more special, because God made us special, with love, and with love to give. You are beautiful in my eyes and everyone’s eyes. LIVE WITH PRIDE AND LIVE IN YOUR TRUE ESSENCE! I love you all, and please don’t give up. You are the ones coming up in the world and we need a strong generation for years to come. We are not weak. So please, be patient and stand up with pride and fight for your equality!

Sincerely, US NAVY Gay Veteran Jose A. Rodriguez .

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