Sunday, June 5, 2011

It is Against My Religion

Do people even REALLY know why they oppose Same Sex Marriage? Do they oppose it because it's what everyone is saying? Is it POLITICS? People's lives are hanging in the balance as they wait to be able to sponsor their foreign born spouse. We cannot afford for this to be about POLITICS. Is it because they think it is against God? To quote your Mom, "If all of your friends jumped off of a cliff...." To illustrate this point read the following true story:

Today at work, I was having lunch with some of my friends and it happened that the subject turned to same sex marriage. A Registered Nurse said, "I just don't believe in it, it's against my religion..."

I said to her, "what religion are you?" She replied, "I don't have any religion"

She then started swearing about her cold lunch. I wanted to say to her that her language was against my religion, but I didn't want to "go there". I did say to her, "How can it be against your religion if you don't have one?"

I then asked her what would she do if her son was gay. She said, "I would have to hit him in the head with a brick...I don't know what I would do..."

I am a Christian, I am a Lesbian. For those who do not understand how I can be both, I encourage you to please read my entire blog. It tells you of my faith, my research, my struggle and finally the peace that passes all understanding

I did a lot of soul searching. My blog entry The Bible Says, Homosexuality is a two month long deep research into the history of when these verses were written. I went to the original language. I studied what each nuance of the words meant. I looked at liberal interpretations. I looked at conservative interpretations. I studied secular history of the time. That blog entry is my research. I believe that it is unbiased and detailed study as to what the Bible says about Same Sex love.

The other day my sister's best friend made the following statement, and I quote. "Since I am not a Greek,Hebrew etc scholar I don't know and have trust my teachers who are wiser and more educated than I. I can't believe it at this time but I will be more than happy if I get to heaven and learn that you are right!"

This woman would blindly follow her Pastor when people's lives hang in the balance. While people are not being allowed the same rights as other people, these folks are content to listen. They are content to follow the status quo. I wonder if it were something that directly influenced their lives if they would be so passive? I wonder what kind of research they would do?

While people are content to believe their religion blindly, couples are separated due to DOMA. I urge you to read the book The Children Are Free. Do your own research on this most important subject that people are waging war on both sides of the issue.

I mean who really cares who is kissing who. Who really cares about who is marrying who. Can love be wrong? God is love. So since God is love, shouldn't we be for people who just want to be allowed to love and marry the person that they choose? There are so many other horrible things to be against, but love should not be one of them

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  1. Hi, it's Britt from Twitter. I felt bad at just now noticing your comments over there but didn't have enough room to write a proper thank you. So tracked you down here. :) I am enjoying your blog, it is thoughtful and prepared. You might sometimes feel like you're preaching to the choir but I have been witness to words and lives changing hearts, so I thank you for sharing yourself with the world. I myself am getting pretty disheartened these days, missing my friends, sort of avoiding facebook because I'd rather not see them then see such a small part of them at such distance etc. But if anything can get me back on a positive track it will be people like you and what you're doing to change our world.