Monday, January 24, 2011

Treating the Symptoms Instead of Finding the Cause

Treating the Symptoms Instead of Finding the Cause

In working in the world of health care, we have a saying, “People don’t usually die from cancer, they die from the complications of cancer.” People’s immune systems are so depleted from cancer and the treatments of cancer, which they are unable to fight off any sort of illness that comes along like pneumonia.

The United States of America has a huge cancer. It is our immigration laws. Here are a few of the symptoms that we are attempting to “treat” instead of changing the Immigration System that we currently have:

1. Undocumented immigrants coming over from Mexico looking for our American Jobs.

2. Racial profiling in States passing the Arizona like law

3. Drugs/Gangs out of control on the Mexican American Border

4. Immigration Fraud

5. Business hiring Undocumented Workers

6. People leaving the United States to live in exile with their loved one

7. People living in the United States illegally because they are unable to find an “in” with our immigration laws

8. Families being forced to live apart because of immigration laws

9. People who have lived in the United States for most of their lives being forced to leave the only country they remember to go to a country they do not know.

10. New states laws that are moving toward “no one being able to buy or sell without the mark in their hand or forehead”.

What is the United States doing to change all of these problems? The States being fed up with the Federal Governments inaction are beginning to try and treat these symptoms. Unfortunately, without the Federal Government intervention of changing our immigration system and laws, we are only trying put a small bandage on a gaping wound. We have to change the Federal Immigration Laws in order to treat the cause. Ninety-six percent of Americans do not know is what it takes to immigrate to our great Land. Therein lays the problem. Right now we are in a firestorm of new state laws aimed at getting rid of the undocumented by ways that are cruel, unjust and quite frankly scary.

Solutions to the above symptoms:

1. Develop a guest worker program that does not cost the worker any money. How in the world are the people struggling to come over to the United States for jobs able to pay the huge fees of the Immigration system? They cannot, therefore they must come in without going through the proper channels. It is a matter of life and death for them and their families.

2. Do not penalize business owners who need to hire these guest workers by fees or extra taxes.

3. Do something at the Mexican-American Border to control drug trafficking. It is believed by many that because of all the money it brings into the American economy, that the federal government is not doing a whole lot to try and stave the influx of drugs at the border. At the well known crossing sights, or the desolate areas where people are crossing over (drugs, human trafficking) let’s put up some sort of barrier.

4. Pass Federal law that will allow homosexual United States Citizens to sponsor their partner to get a green card the same as heterosexual couples.

5. Pass a Federal law legalizing same sex marriages.

6. Pass the Dream Act.

7. Send the Immigration folks through a training course of dealing with people who are not American citizens. I have seen the horrendous treatment that non Americans can go though at foreign embassies. I have seen the rudeness of those who work at airports herding the non-English speaking visitors like cattle. I was embarrassed for the country that I love by these ICE workers.

Let’s figure out a way to treat the Cancer that is the Immigration System in the United States instead of over reacting and trying to treat the symptoms that have developed. The Federal Immigration Laws are the Cancer; they are the cause of all of symptoms. Let’s fix this at the top level, and then work on the rest of the symptoms.

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