Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What if you couldn't comfort someone....what if....

In the wake of the recent tragedy in Arizona, I have been reading a lot of comments posted to twitter offering prayers and concerns.  A lot of them go something like this:  "My wife and I would like to offer our sincere prayers..."  "Connie and I..."  "Ruth and I....".... 

What if you couldn't say that because you and your wife or husband were not allowed to be together?  What if you had to say something like, "I hope that you are ok.  I am sure that my wife who lives in Russia feels the same...."  What kind of life would that be?  What kind of family life would you have?   What if you didn't have a choice in the matter?  What if living with your spouse was deemed illegal by the powers that be?  Ludicrous you say?  It is happening now...in the freedom loving country where all are created equal...the United States of America.

Because people believe in traditional family values, they do not want to allow other people with different life styles to be happy.  I do not want them to change their family values.  I do not think that what I do is a threat to their way of life. 

People looked down on hippies...they were a pretty harmless group of tree huggers.  no reason to be afraid of them.  Homosexual folks are not trying to recruit.  Contrary to popular belief, that is not what we believe.  We pretty much just want to be.

I have been told that homosexuals are child molesters.  Actually, most child molesters are heterosexual.  I have been told that homosexuals are going to hell.  Well, that is not what the Bible says, "whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life".  I have been told that homosexuals are sexually deviant.  Well, I am sure that there are some homosexual deviants, however there are more heterosexual deviants as per their own stats.  So come on people. 

You will not listen because you do not want to listen.  You do not listen because your mind is as closed as the Westboro Baptist Church Members.  You think that your traditions are under attack when I feel that my entire life is under attack. 

I am doing my best to understand how that not allowing a Mother to be with her child ... how is that TRADITIONAL Values??? How???  And how is allowing her to be with her child an attack on your family values?  I am willing to talk, debate or have some other form of friendly discussion on this so that I can try to understand this horrible injustice that you all think is good.

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