Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday....It Seems Like A Let Down

The last few days have brought mixed emotions.  First the DREAM Act failed to pass.  This is very disappointing.  It is unfortunate that most people in the United States have no clue as to what it takes to actually immigrate to the United States.  They will mouth off and say that people should come in the front door.  I ask everyone to research immigration law before you spout off about illegal immigration.

The Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal I found to be particularly hopeful for those of us who are separated by  laws who tend to treat same sex couples as less than citizens.  I am hoping that with everything the people in our Congress said about it being a prejudice to not allow folks to live out loud who they are, they will understand that separating people because of immigration laws not recognizing the relationship is a grave injustice.

I am hoping that people realize that they cannot stand in judgment of people who are doing nothing wrong.  Just as it was wrong to own slaves, it is wrong to discriminate against homosexuals; just as it was wrong to persecute someone who is of a different faith, it is wrong to persecute homosexuals; just as it was wrong to kill black people (not all black people are African American); for being in love with white people, it is wrong to kill homosexuals because they are homosexual; just as it is wrong to not let women vote, it is wrong not to give equal rights to homosexuals; just as it is wrong to give God credit for hate and killings, it is wrong to stand in judgment of someone who is different.

What will we do?  Will we stand by and let this grave injustice being done to same sex bi-national couples who are being separated by law?  Please write your Congress person and let them know that you are for the Uniting American Families Act.

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