Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Evening 2010 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Here I sit in my living room reading my emails, tweets, facebook page, and texts, I realize that the world is smaller than what it used to be.  I am watching a show about Christmas lights and know that the greatest gift that we have been given is the gift that God gave us, His Son.  I am thankful to have been able to become a Christian at the young tender age of nine years old.  

I sit here and I reflect on the things for which I am grateful.  Like I stated I am thankful for my salvation.  I am thankful to live here in the United States, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my job, and I am thankful for all of my dear friends.  

Somethings, however, give me pause and confuse me.  I am trying to figure out why it has been so difficult to get pro Gay and Lesbian bills through Congress.  I have actually gone to their websites and read up on why they so disapprove of Gay people.  Here is what I have come up with so far... someone help me further:

1.  They don't want pro homosexual teaching in our schools.  They say that it is being taught as young as kindergarten with books like Heather Has Two Mommies.  I looked it up on Wikipedia and here is what they have to say about this book.  

Heather Has Two Mommies is a children's book written by Lesléa Newman with Diana Souza's illustrations, first published in 1989. It is about a child, Heather, raised by lesbian women: her biological mother, Jane, who gave birth to her after artificial insemination, and her biological mother's same-sex partner, Kate. At Heather's playgroup, her family situation is discussed simply and positively, as are those of other children in non-traditional family units.[1]

To teach children that there are different kinds of family units is being done by cartoon characters every day.  You have cartoon kids that live with grandparents, aunts and uncles, with just their mom, we don't have a second thought about that coming into our homes, but let a homosexual say something, and suddenly we are pushing out beliefs on them.  

2.  We are evil according to their beliefs in God....after all didn't God destroy a whole city because they were homosexual?  Well, actually, NO, He did not.  Sodom was not destroyed for homosexual behavior.  Please educate yourself instead of just saying what other people have told you.  I find it hard to believe that EVERY man in Sodom was gay and that Lot would offer his daughters to a bunch of Gay men.  

 Let me know if I can clear up other verses like the ones in Romans chapter one which deals with idol worship which involved homosexual relations with many different partners.  The condemnation was on idol worship and the practices that went along with the idol worship.

I don't know why they think I am trying to push homosexuality on them.  I just want to live in my own world with the same rights as they have.  I don't care that they are homosexual, I don't care that they are heterosexual all I want is to be able to live together with the one I love and our children legally with no fear. 

I plan on working hard to get the Uniting American Families Act brought forward and hopefully voted upon.  I am going to try to get a fax, tweet, email, and letter campaign going so that the last thing that our Congress people think of before they lay their head on their pillows is the Uniting American Families Act.  I want us to be the first thing that they think of when they wake up in the morning.  I want their staff that works in their mail rooms to know that we are alive and well.

I cannot legally sponsor my sweetheart because of immigration law.  I want to understand why people do not feel the urgency of the situation.  It is then I realize that they go home to their families.  They don't have to worry about missing their loved ones because they are with them.  We have been trying to get the Uniting American Families Act in one form or another for approximately ten years. That is long enough to wait.

I want to know what people have against the Uniting American Families Act and I want to be able to have a chance for an expert to address those issues.  I want to dispel their fears.   Barney Frank had a wonderful conversation with a newsman about having the military straight people shower with military gay people, he said that it has always been going on, they just didn't know who was who.   These are irrational fears.

We need to get the Uniting American Families passed this year.  We need to address the fears of those who think that we are evil, strange or just plain trouble makers.  Let us have the freedoms to be with those we love.  We have been separated long enough.  It is cruel and unusual punishment for those of us who are innocent to continue to have to be apart.   

With that I wish you a Merry Christmas!! 

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