Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Abuse and Bully? Why not Respect and Discussion?

I was in a discussion on Twitter with someone who stated that gays are going to hell.  When I tried to carry on a discussion with the fellow  he chose to use vulgar and offensive language.  I repeatedly asked him to refrain from that kind of language, he continued to be abusive and did his best to offend me.  All he did was let me know how unintelligent he was by not being able to change his type of language.  I am so unimpressed with people who use abuse, hurt, bullying, and demeaning language to try and intimidate me.  I am also so not intimidated.  My knowledge of the Bible and what it says far exceeds their bad, rude and mean remarks.

I would be more than happy to have an intelligent and respectful discussion or debate with anyone about what God has to say about Homosexuality in the Bible, but I will not allow anyone to teat me badly or speak with disrespect to me about my beliefs or my life style.  I deserve better than that as does any human being.

Please remember that I have 16 years of formal Bible education, so, please do not come at me with arguments that are weak or that you have no foundation for in God's word.  I am a Conservative Christian, I believe in the Word of God, I am a Republican, and I am GAY.  I am for the Uniting American Families Act.

Please feel free to speak, debate or leave supportive comments.  Respect is the key word.  I will give you respect and I expect nothing less from you.

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