Monday, August 29, 2011

Gay - Not In Indiana (part two)

I took my eight year old son to the doctor today for his allergy shot. He asked me to come back while he got his injection.

The nurse asked me, "what is your relationship to him."

I answered, "His mother..."

Then realizing that my wife brings him to get his shots most of the time I corrected myself and said, "I am his other mother..."

The nurse looked at me and said, "are you his Aunt, a friend or what..."

I said, "I am his other mother. He has two mothers."

Still not getting it she said, "But what is your relationship to the boy..."

I replied, "I am his mother. We have joint custody. ...."

Finally, maybe a light bulb came on or because I am the insurance carrier or what ever, she gave him his shots.

This should not be hard for someone to understand as the State of Indiana does have Second Parent Adoption


The Evansville Courier Press reports the following.

Some of the comments made by our elected officials are so ignorant and absolutely clueless (and that is the kindest I can be) that it is amazing that they had the ability to be elected at all.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana House of Representatives voted Tuesday evening to amend a ban of gay marriages and civil unions into the state’s constitution.

The House approved the ban on a bipartisan 70-26 vote, starting the clock on a long process that – if there are no hitches along the way – could lead to voters having the final say in a November 2014 referendum.

The vote took place after a debate that, at less than 30 minutes, was much shorter than contentious issues often command in the House.

“The basic unit of society is the family, and the cornerstone of the family is marriage. Marriage is, and should be, the union of one man and one woman,” said the gay marriage ban’s author, Rep. Eric Turner, R-Marion.

Rep. Mary Ann Sullivan, D-Indianapolis, called the ban “a blow that hurts thousands across this great state, and taints our constitution with the language of hate,” and said she has friends and neighbors who are “deeply, deeply hurt by this legislation.”

Since the vote was originally scheduled for Monday, Sullivan said she had written her comments in the form of a valentine.

She said passing such a ban “removes talented people from classrooms and business, weakens the arts, our culture and progress, makes all of our cities less vibrant and diverse – the kinds of conditions that make economies worse.”

But Rep. Ralph Foley, R-Martinsville, said the ban would have no effect on Hoosiers’ ability to live with and love whomever they choose.

“That loving friendship is a different relationship than a husband and wife, and we should recognize that in the law,” he said.

Same-sex marriage is already prohibited under Indiana law, but Turner said a constitutional amendment is necessary to keep the state’s courts from overturning that law.

The amendment says: “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.”


One of the comments made by Mr. Turner was that it is not like this is really hurting anyone. I would have loved for him to look at the uncomfortable face of my son as I tried to explain over and over again that he has two mothers. He said, "Why couldn't she understand." I asked how he felt having two moms, he says, "I feel loved, but that was uncomfortable..."

The laws that discriminate are indeed hurting people. It hurts my wife and I (we were married in Iowa...although it means nothing in Indiana). We have no rights as a married couple. It hurts my children by the discrimination that exists, approved and promoted by the Indiana government. This is not right. Our laws need to be changed to include everyone. Come on Indiana.

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