Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Leaders Are Sheep

I just read a "tweet" from one of the Congressmen that I follow. He said, "I just joined 40 of my colleagues...." The bill he is talking about totally discriminates against women's health care and takes away from many low income women the ability to get their yearly PAP smear and check up.

What I want to know is this: Do any of the people that we have elected do any research on what they are doing? Do they only sponsor or vote for bills because their "party" tells them to? Do they even know what the bill contains? Do they care?

Do they try to educate the public or their-selves as to what is accurate, or do they only feed into the ignorance.

Most of United States Citizens are woefully ignorant as to the immigration process, yet, we allow them to make decisions as to who can immigrate instead of educating them, we feed into their ignorance and fear.

I am certain that those voting to keep me from my rights because of religious belief have never ever picked up a Bible and done any sort of research. If they did, they would not be so fast to continue to allow me to be a disposable, second class citizen because I am a lesbian.


1. Make decisions based on research

2. Do Your own research

3. Don't discriminate because of religion

You don't have time? You hold people's lives in your hand and you don't have time? You are either on a power rush or you have no idea what your job really is.

You have the ability to allow my wife, children and I to live together legally and in peace. You have the ability to take my family away and dispose of them like a piece of garbage because of your religion....yet, you have never personally done any research on what the Bible really says. Let's face it, when is the last time you picked up a Bible with a Concordance and done any sort of research....NEVER. Then how can you vote intelligently based on what other people have said that other people have said that they say tradition has said.....your hold my life in your hands and you do such shoddy work....thank God you don't have my job otherwise people would die with the disdain that you do your research and how your base your voting.

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