Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Open Letter to Those Who Compare Homosexuality to Incest

WARNING: Sexually explicit

WARNING: Excessive Child Abuse

WARNING: Graphic Violence

In a closet, tied to the pole where one's clothes hang, she waited. She hung by her wrists with toes barely scraping the floor. Finally, he arrived. The man that was supposed to be her protector; the man that was supposed to give her boyfriends a difficult time; the man that was supposed to walk her down the aisle; he finally arrived.

She could feel her heart beating in her chest as he slid the doors open. Would he beat her this time?

"You have been waiting for me?" One of his favorite things was to force her to answer his obscene questions. He spread her legs inserting his he asked her to tell him how much she loves it...finally he finishes by putting his penis inside...inside this little seven year old child. It feels like he is splitting her small body in half...

When he is done, she drops to the floor in the closet...her wrists raw...and from her vagina...a small bit of blood...

How dare you equate this abuse, this horror, this torture, this sickening action to that of two people being in love.

I am appalled that the two words can be used in the same sentence.

Incest is abuse. About power. About control. Nothing but hurt and hate.

The love that I have for my wife is gentle and safe and beautiful and pure.

I hesitate to say this because I don't want someone with a low IQ to say that I am a lesbian because of the abuse. The story I have told is my own. So when I say that I am appalled that someone would equate the two, I know what I am talking about. How dare you? How dare you? Anyone that would make such a statement is obviously ignorant about love and what it is like to be in love and the wonder it all.

I put this story out there for one reason and one reason only to educate people. To let them know that it is so important and imparative to have marriage and immigration equality for all Americans.

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